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American Freedom Nurses Summit

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Thursday & Friday Jan 5-6th
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Together we are taking back the Health & Freedom of our Nation!

World Class Line-Up of Nurses Including:

Kimberly Overton, BSN, RN, Founder/Executive Director, Nurse Freedom Network

"Standing in the Gap/Forging Our Own Path"

- Tennessee

Kimberly Overton is a Registered Nurse in Hendersonville, TN with a background in Critical Care and Telehealth nursing. In July of 2021, she founded Nurse Freedom Network to stand against the medical tyranny we are now facing. She is a graduate of Western Kentucky University and has worked in the healthcare industry for over 25 years, serving in both clinical and administrative roles.

Kimberly has a true passion for providing true,  patient-centered care that focuses on empowering individuals through information, education, and advocacy. She has been a strong advocate for autonomy and informed consent throughout her career. She is a member of the FLCCC Alliance and advocates for EARLY Treatment in the fight against Covid-19. Beyond the advocacy, her larger vision for Nurse Freedom Network has always been creating opportunities for nurses to break away from this broken and oppressive "Sickcare" system, and empowering them to cultivate their own environment; one in which both nurses and patients alike will THRIVE.

She also serves as a Trustee on the Executive Board of The National Coalition of Frontline Workers and has recently founded Remnant Nursing – A Private Membership Association offering concierge nursing services, specializing in the consultation and care of the vaccine injured.

Erin Olszewski, BSN, RN

"NY COVID Nurse Whistleblower: Nurses are mandatory reporters and patient advocates"

- Florida

Nurse Erin has spent her life fighting to serve and protect the freedoms of everyday Americans. At just 17 years old, she joined the United States Army and was deployed to Iraq when the battle began in early 2003. After returning home, she turned her focus, drive, and dedication to defending our most deeply-held values on American soil as a soldier and a nurse.

Erin volunteered at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to serve on the frontlines yet again and traveled to New York from her home state of Florida in early April 2020.  She was assigned to New York's Elmhurst Hospital pegged as, “The Epicenter of the Epicenter” where freezer trucks filled with bodies were publicly broadcasted worldwide.  What Erin witnessed was much different than what was being shared with the public by the mainstream media.  What she was experiencing horrified her and despite risking her nursing career, Erin decided to go undercover to document what was happening behind locked hospital doors.  No one else was willing to speak up, so she knew it was up to her to expose what was happening in order to save lives.

On June 9th, 2020, she released her undercover footage to the world in a documentary published by ‘Perspectives of the Pandemic’ and her life forever changed.  She continues to advocate for patients and their families and speaks around the country to educate and inspire bravery. Nurse Erin's fight is a fight for freedom, a patient’s right to choose, a return to ethics, a promise for complete transparency, and respect for the truth.  Never again will patients be abandoned, dehumanized, or disposed of.

In 2021, Erin partnered with two other like-minded U.S. Army combat veteran healthcare providers and together they opened the doors of America’s Clinic and welcomed their first patients in January of this year.  Nurse Erin hopes that America's Clinic will mold the future of healthcare for generations to come.  To learn more about what Nurse Erin witnessed, she wrote about it in her book, Undercover Epicenter Nurse, which reveals how gross negligence, insurance fraud, medical malpractice, and good old-fashioned greed are killing everyday Americans at Elmhurst and beyond.

Nicole Sirotek, RN

– New York

Nicole Sirotek is known as The Original New York Nurse whistleblower.

In May 2020 she traveled to NYC at the beginning of the Covid Pandemic to help, she didn't expect to find gross negligence, complete medical mismanagement, and blatant disregard for human life that she saw in those inner-city hospitals. After a video of her begging for help to save her patient's life went viral, her life as she previously knew it was destroyed.

Nicole made a promise to herself that she would continue to fight to help patients receive safe equitable care, so she founded the American Frontline Nurses a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to advocating for patients.

Ashley Grogg, MSN, RN

– Indiana

Ashley Grogg is a masters prepared registered nurse from Indiana where she and her husband homeschool their four children. She specialized in cardiac care for ten years, is highly respected by her peers, and excels in her profession. Ashley rounded out her hospital career in advanced heart failure utilizing data to improve patient care and outcomes for the development of a regional hospital's heart failure program. She found her true passion as a care manager for Medicare/Medicaid patients where she was able to improve the patients quality of life through education on lifestyle modification. Ashley now operates her own business Wellness Through Awareness where she advocates for patients, educates them on how to claim responsibility for their health, and achieve their health goals.

In February 2020 Ashley founded Hoosiers for Medical Liberty, Indiana’s most trusted Medical Liberty group. She believes that all patients deserve informed consent and the right to decline any medical procedure, test, or treatment. Most recently she embarked on a journey learning about VAERS and the knowledge gap surrounding appropriate and accurate reporting by healthcare professionals.  She admits, for most of her career she was not aware of VAERS even though she was administering vaccinations. Ashley is excited to help shape healthcare of the future through education.

Nicole Pavlik RN, BSN, HWNC-BC

"Empowering you to Take Back Control of your Health with Homeopathy"

– New Jersey

Nicole Pavlik is a homeschooling mom of 7 and married to her best friend for 21 years. She’s also a registered nurse gone holistic. 

She attended Pacific college of oriental medicine to study for her holistic nursing bachelors degree. She also studied at the Dr Josh Axe institute of medicine to become an essential oils coach.

She studied at the transformative nurse coach collective to become a board certified nurse health coach and holistic nurse. She is an ear seeds practitioner and is currently attending Joette Calabrese's Academy of Practical Homeopathy. 

Along the way she learned various healing modalities such as auricular therapy, homeopathy, sound healing, meditation, reiki, crystal light bed therapy, ionic foot detox, m technique hand massage and the power of plants as a healing medicine, including herbs.

Emily Thoms, RN and Kamaleilani Moreno, RN

– Arizona

 Kami and Emily are former nursing students, moms, and wives that believe in freedom.

During their final semester of nursing school they were faced with their college’s mandate of receiving the COVID vaccination or be removed from their nursing program. They fought their school, Mesa Community College, in court and were victorious, resulting in their graduation.

Now Kami and Emily are RN's, and passionate about helping as many nursing students as possible stand up to the coercion and bullying they face.

Jodi O’Malley

- Arizona

Jodi O’Malley is a master’s prepared critical care nurse treating Covid patients at a federal hospital for Native Americans, ended abruptly when she courageously shared her insider video with Project Veritas showing the extent of underreported vaccine injuries and outright corruption of the healthcare system where policy and protocol have taken precedence over the Patient’s Bill of Rights.

After being cleared of any wrongdoing by the Arizona Board of Nursing who ordered her to undergo an Ethics Evaluation, she continues to be a strong advocate for informed consent and medical freedom and encourages other to speak up and uphold theirs oaths.

Shelley Candelaria, BSN, RN

– Arizona

 “Our Mission here is only beginning, and God is on our side”

Shelley owns and operates an IV Therapy Infusion clinic in Cottonwood, AZ while attending the Family Nurse Practitioner MSN program at Grand Canyon University. She has a background in critical care, cardiac/thoracic progressive care, research nursing, surgery, and hospice care. She has been in the medical field for over 14 years and nursing for 11years. She believes that nursing is an occupation consisting of professional individuals that exhibit and express compassion, respect, dignity, and integrity to their patients and fellow coworkers. Shelley is passionate about reducing patient fear due to the pandemic and her individual goal is to reduce hospitalizations by providing unparalleled IV infusions and COVID19 early treatment along with honest education. She puts her code of ethics at the forefront of her practice. She has seen ethics fall by the wayside to usher in more policy and protocol without backed sound research. She believes the foundations of medical trust and the lives of patients are in great danger when ethical and Godly moral decision making is taken out of the individual treatment process, protocols, and research.

Proverbs 24:12 Don’t excuse yourself by saying, “Look, we didn’t know.” For God understands all hearts, and he sees you. He who guards your soul knows you knew.
He will repay all people as their actions deserve.

Donna Aliperti, MSN, RN

– New York

Donna Aliperti is an RN of 32 years from Long Island, NY.

She worked in maternal child health, with a primary focus on NICU and Masters education in Midwifery. She also opened and operated laser aesthetic offices across the state between 2004-2019.

Her passion has always been being a patient advocate in and out of the hospital setting. In the wake of covid she became a full time advocate and activist, founding NYAMM and PCNY. She’s spent the last two years volunteering her time to people across the state and country.

Currently, she’s working with a global team and utilizing her experience and entrepreneurship to develop new health solutions for both the provider and the patient.


"Breaking the Chains of the Employee Mindset"

– Hawaii

Nena Hart Is an experienced leader In post-cute care. She worked her way up the corporate ladder for over 10 years and was finally recruited to her "dream job" as a CEO, only to be fired five weeks later. Left with a huge new lease and no income, she started her own consulting and coaching company, working from home in half the hours and was able to prioritize her family over her job for the first time in her career while making six figures.

Nena has her Masters in Nursing Administration and is the Founder of Hart Healthcare Solutions, providing specialized consulting solutions to post-acute providers. She now helps other exhausted nurses embrace entrepreneurship and love nursing again. She lives in Hawaii and enjoys reading, cooking, doing puzzles with her kids and going to the beach with her family during "normal" office hours.

Melissa Schreibfeder, RN, BSN, NC-BC

"Functional Medicine for Nurses – Bringing 'Health' back into Healthcare"

– Tennesse

Melissa Schreibfeder is a registered nurse, functional medicine practitioner, and board certified nurse coach.

She owns and operates Integrative Nurse Coaching, a functional medicine practice in Nashville, TN and is the founder of Functional Medicine for Nurses, a mentorship program for nurses designed to provide education on the fundamentals of functional medicine with the mission to help nurses break away from the conventional sickcare model and thrive in a parallel healthcare system that focuses on true health and wellness.

 Melissa also serves as the Director of Clinical Research for Nurse Freedom Network and has been a strong advocate throughout the pandemic for informed consent, patient's rights and early treatment for covid-19.

She is a graduate of The University of Texas Health Science Center and has received advanced training from The Institute for Functional Medicine, The School of Applied Functional Medicine and The Nurse Coach Collective.

Michelle Peterson, DNP

"Successfully Treating Patients in the Fight Against Covid-19"

– Kansas

Dr. Michelle Peterson, DNP is a family nurse practitioner in Overland Park, KS with almost 25 years in the healthcare system as a hospital, home infusion, ED nurse, and BSN educator.

She received her FNP in 2016, and has been working in family practice, urgent care, and telehealth for over 5 years.

She is a member of the FLCCC Alliance and has been recommending and providing early treatment for Covid-19, first with the Zelenko protocol, and then the FLCCC protocol since early 2020.

Michelle has a passion to support, educate, and encourage other nurses and see the Nursing Code of Ethics restored to its rightful place. She is a fierce patient advocate and care coordinator.

Katie Kirn, BSN, RN

"Holding the Line for Medical Freedom – Refusing Vaccine Mandates"

– Michigan

Katie Kirn is a graduate of the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Art's and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She has been a Registered Nurse for 12 years, holding her last inpatient position as an educator. She worked at Henry Ford for eight years, including working the entire pandemic directly caring for Covid patients.

After this dedication, Henry Ford terminated her employment for refusing the unconstitutional and experimental vaccine mandate and for publicly speaking out against it. She, like thousands of others, went from hero to zero to unemployed and was discarded like trash for demanding medical freedom.

She is now employed at a private holistic practice, the Center for Holistic Medicine, where she is able to provide safe and efficient patient care while respecting patients’ rights and medical freedom. She has spoken with Representative Sue Allor and a tremendous group of physicians in Lansing, giving powerful testimony for House Bill 4471. Now with the help of Michigan Vaccine Choice, Stand Up Michigan Oakland, Transformation Michigan, and Advanced Oakland she continues to speak out at every opportunity in an attempt to encourage others to be brave and join the fight for freedom.

Sara Mitchell, BSN, RN

"Advocating for your loved ones – Avoiding Deadly Hospital Protocols"

– Michigan

Sarah Mitchell is an RN and mother of two young children. She has been a labor and delivery nurse for the past 8 years in the state of Michigan. Tragically she lost her husband Kyle due to the Covid protocols and the refusal of medical staff to treat Kyle with prescribed Ivermectin.

Sarah fought to save Kyle's life as Kyle's wishes were ignored and he was bullied into taking Remdesivir and being put on a ventilator.

As an RN, Sarah brings a unique perspective to how greed can lead to even the most knowledgeable people being ignored as their loved ones die.

Speaker Presentations: 

"Standing in the Gap/Forging Our Own Path"
- Kimberly Overton, BSN, RN – Tennessee

"NY COVID Nurse Whistleblower: Nurses are mandatory reporters and patient advocates"
- Erin Olszewski, BSN, RN - Florida

"Empowering you to Take Back Control of your Health with Homeopathy"
- Nicole Pavlik RN, BSN, HWNC-BC – New Jersey

"Functional Medicine for Nurses – Bringing “Health” back into Healthcare"
- Melissa Schreibfeder, BSN, RN, BC-NC – Tennessee

 "Breaking the Chains of the Employee Mindset"
- Nena Hart, MSN, RN, CDONA, CHPN, CLHP – Hawaii

 "Holding the Line for Medical Freedom – Refusing Vaccine Mandates"
- Katie Kirn, BSN, RN – Michigan

 "Advocating for your loved ones – Avoiding Deadly Hospital Protocols"
- Sarah Mitchell, BSN, RN – Michigan

"Successfully Treating Patients in the Fight Against Covid-19"
- Michelle Peterson, DNP – Kansas

 "Taking a Deep Dive into the Deception"
- Kim M. Schmidt MS, APRN, NNP-BC – Illinois


"Families of Vaccine Injured, Remdesivir Injured,
& Victims of Hospital Protocol Speak Out!"

Maddie de Garay - Maddie is a beautiful 14-year-old girl who participated in the Pfizer clinical trials for children. Prior to her 2nd dose, she was completely healthy with no known medical conditions. After her 2nd dose, she began having debilitating abdominal and chest pain and chest pain, painful electrical shocks throughout her entire body, and severe chronic pain. Maddie is now in a wheelchair, unable to walk. She relies on a feeding tube for nutrition and suffers from chronic pain and a multitude of other symptoms. Overall, she has experienced more than 35 adverse reactions and has spent countless days in the hospital, yet Pfizer only recorded her vaccine injury as "functional stomach pain." The CDC, NIH, and FDA have ignored them and offered no assistance whatsoever.

Ernest Remirez
- He lost his only son, Ernesto Jr., just 5 days after his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. He has traveled across the country, speaking out and sharing his story at every opportunity, so that no other parent will have to endure the grief and pain he has had to suffer over this past year.

Nikki Holland - After my 2nd Moderna vaccine 2/12/21, less than 36hrs post vaccine I had nausea, GI issues and then breathing trouble. Exactly a week post vaccine, secondary to hypoxia from respiratory failure, I was placed on the ventilator for the first time. This was the first of 5 times on the vent, 4 life flights, 6 different hospitals in 2 different states, 1 inpatient rehab facility for a month, Outpatient and home health PT/OT/SLP, Outpatient Pulmonary Rehab, placement of feeding tube for a month, ongoing monitoring of 5 different specialists/ Primary care, 3 surgeries including tracheostomy, tracheostomy revision, and implanting suprapubic catheter and awaiting 4th surgery to have a bladder interstim device implanted.

Sarah Mitchell - An RN and mother of two young children. She has been a labor and delivery nurse for the past 8 years in the state of Michigan. Tragically she lost her husband Kyle due to the Covid protocols and the refusal of medical staff to treat Kyle with prescribed Ivermectin. Sarah fought to save Kyle's life as Kyle's wishes were ignored and he was bullied into taking Remdesivir and being put on a ventilator. As an RN, Sarah brings a unique perspective to how greed can lead to even the most knowledgeable people being ignored as their loved ones die.

Stacy Ograyensek - "My husband of 13 years ( together 25 years - over half my life ) was murdered at age 41 when given Remdesivir against our wishes at Beaumont hospital in Dearborn, Michigan, causing Ryan to go through renal failure. Vented a week later also against his wishes while having a normal 98% oxygen level, by a dr who told him “i will vent you with or without your consent”.

Let Their Voices Be Heard!!!

Prevention - Recovery - Support

Nurses Summit Topics Include:

- Standing against the medical tyranny

- Advocacy for medical autonomy and informed consent

- Breaking away from this broken and oppressive "Sickcare" system

- Embracing entrepreneurship in nursing

- Early treatment for covid-19

- Transforming healthcare through the practice of holistic modalities 

- Refusing the unconstitutional and experimental vaccine mandate

- Acquiring a religious exemption and avoiding the “vaccine”

Track 3: American Freedom Nurses